Project circular future

I am curious about the meaning of the word circular economy. This is a new theme for me, after diving into other sustainable subjects (read more at About me). This theme is mentioned in a lot of different articles about sustainability. But nobody really seems to know what it means. Or what the circular future will look like. It seems the circular economy is a far, unclear station. Or do institutions and companies know what kind of circular future they are heading to?

I will try to find everything I can about this subject. And I will write blogs about it. I hope this will give me and readers a better insight in the circular future. When I have discovered enough, I would like to combine the information in a book, which can give governments and companies practical guidance to bring the circular economy into practice.

The project exists of 3 phases:

  1. First, I will write some blogs on what I think the circular economy is;
  2. After this, I will read books and articles about the circular economy and share the new insights I get from it;
  3. Then I will talk to institutions and companies to see how they view the circular economy.